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**Peeking around the corner… see you here…

Yay!  (Jumping for joy) You made it to my blog launch! Thanks for coming!!

It’s a very exciting day here at The Craft Penguin (and nerve racking too, but we’ll get to that). I have been considering the whole starting a blog thing for several months now, but have been putting it off because quite frankly I’m quite new to the whole idea. And if you know me, I don’t like change or new things that I have no clue about. Yeah sure, I’ve read a few blogs off and on and I do like to write, but I don’t know what to do with a blog! How do I know what to write? Is there a way that I should write it? Does it take a lot of time? How often do I need to write a blog post? Every week? Every day? Where do I start my blog? Once it is going, how to I get people to read it? Will people like what I write? These are all things I wondered and had no idea of what to do.

Last week, Kiser Krafts Handmade asked if anyone had a blog. I responded that I had been debating on it, but still didn’t have one because I had no idea where to start. She directed me to a very helpful class from The Creatives Nest. After watching the class I felt a little better about starting a blog because most of my questions were answered. But what about those questions that weren’t answered? Like How do I know what to write? And Will people like what I write? Well, that’s where the nervousness comes in.

I have a few ideas floating around for blog posts coming up and even a linkup (Yes, I will tell you about that in a minute), but am I going to be able to keep it going? In just a day after deciding to officially start a blog, I came up with several ideas and the ideas keep coming. And once those ideas run out, I’m sure that I will be able to think of something to post every week. I have a very supportive group of friends, followers, and fellow shop owners who all say I will do great. They tell me to write what is in my heart and I will be fine. And you know what? I believe them! So, should I be nervous? No. Why not? Because they have been there through the good, and bad moments of the past 14 months. And if they have stuck it out this far, I know they will hang around. If you are one of those amazing people, thanks for all of your support and encouragement! It really means a lot to me that you have been there through it all!

Now, about this linkup…

Starting tomorrow, (yes tomorrow) I will be hosting a weekly linkup for handmade items. It will be known as Penguin Luv. (You know, since I love penguins and am known as The Craft Penguin, it would have to be penguin related! It doesn’t mean your products have to be penguin related.). You are allowed to link 3 individual handmade items from your online shops (any handmade shop is fine: Storenvy, Etsy, Artfire, etc. just not Facebook or blogs please) for a chance to be featured each week as a Staff Pick or Most Viewed. This will help bring more traffic to your shop and everyone else. But it won’t work if you don’t share this blog with them!! So, while you are online anyway, please take a few seconds to share and let people know that this is here! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to start linking up your items! I will also let you know through social media when it is up!

Thank you for stopping by to support me! I look forward to getting to know you all more and seeing some amazing products in the linkups!

~Jennifer~ penguin logo

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