Christmas Order Deadlines

Christmas order deadlines

Hey everyone! With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to discuss our important deadlines. These deadlines pertain to BOTH our Storenvy and Etsy shops!

Custom Orders: 

Right now I have a few available spots for custom orders (both string art and crochet items including but not limited to, the mermaid tail or shark blankets). The deadline will be November 21, which is very close. If I feel like I have reached the max that I can handle and get sent out in time, I will put an end to custom orders until after Christmas, even if it’s before the deadline. So, if you know you want one of these items for a gift this year, order NOW. Don’t wait! Even if you aren’t 100% sure what design/colors/etc. you want yet, reserve your custom spot. We can take a few days to work out the details.

Order Deadline: 

Any of our products expected to be received before Christmas needs to be ordered no later than December 11.

*The only exception to this is if you are local and are willing to meet me to pick up your items. Then I will allow a little more time, but you must make arrangements with me first. Contact me via email to make local pickup arrangements and get the info needed to avoid paying for shipping.

If you have any questions regarding our deadlines, please ask!

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