Custom Color Options

Color Options for Custom Color Amigurumi and Other Crochet Items

Since I offer Custom Colors as a choice for all of my Amigurumi animals, I thought it would be easier for you to order them if you know what colors are available! Below is a list of all of the colors I currently have. While I do have a few other colors not listed here, they are in such a limited supply (and I am not sure about where to get more of them), that I will only be using them for ready to ship items.

These are not necessarily the only colors that I can get, however. If there is a color you are looking for that I do not have shown, feel free to contact me via email at or in a FB message and I will see what I can find for you.

Solid Colors:

Solid color yarns numbered 1.Bright Red 2. Orange 3. Pumpkin 4. Butter 5. Bright Yellow 6. Frosty Green 7. Spring Green 8. Kelly Green 9. Hunter Green 10. Light Blue 11. Turquoise 12. Royal Blue 13. Soft Navy 14. Teal 15. Purple 16. Amethyst 17. Baby Pink 18. Arbor Rose 19. Cafe Latte 20. Brown 21. Aran 22. Heather 23. White 24. Grey 25. Black

Multi Colors:

multi yarn colors numbered

26. Blacklight 27. Bonbon 28. Pink Camo 29. Camouflage 30. Ombre 31. Sangria 32. Fiesta 33. Giverny 34. Monet 35. Pastel 36. Nursery Rhyme 37. Twilight 38. Shaded Dusk


Colors in Limited Supply:

These are colors that I only have a small amount of (less than a full skein). A few of these are just ones that I don’t use very often, so I don’t plan on purchasing again unless they are requested (# 40 & 46). #39 I bought on clearance and had only seen it the one time, so I may not be able to get it again. The rest I may still be able to get (and honestly would love to get more of), but may have to order online if I can’t find them locally again. For these reasons, they are in limited supply at the moment. This means, I will ONLY accept custom orders for SMALL amigurumi animals in these colors.

Limited Yarns numbered 39. Blue Diamond 40. Butterfly 41. Grape Fizz 42. Green Tones 43. Plum Pudding 44. Painted Desert 45. Earthy 46. Topical Storm 47. Icelandic