Handmade Monday- Hope Naturals Body Care

Hope Naturals Body Care

Handmade Monday- Hope Naturals Body Care

If you know me, I go through lip balm at a crazy fast rate… all year long! But of course, it goes faster in the winter months. The issue is that I can’t use just any lip balm. For years I have had problems with flavored lip balms of all kinds causing around my lips to become red and itchy.  And even some of the original ones have started to be an issue. Not good! So, of course when I found an all natural handmade one I liked, I stuck with it.

On the 11th of January, I went onto Etsy with the intent to buy more lip balm from the shop I have been purchasing from for months. Much to my surprise, her shop was on vacation mode. And the problem- I was almost out of lip balm! Uh oh!

So, with no knowledge of when her shop would re-open and knowing I couldn’t go more than a few more days on my lip balm, I went in search of another one I could buy to hold me over. I searched through pages and pages of listings on Etsy and narrowed it down to about 3 options. After comparing ingredients and prices, I decided to give Hope Naturals Body Care a chance. So, I ordered just 1 Unscented lip balm because my intent was to go back to the other shop after it reopened to get more from her.

Well, my order shipped very quickly and within a few days (and before my other one was gone) I received my new lip balm. Rather than finishing my other lip balm, I immediately started using the new one since I couldn’t wait to try it. And oh my gosh… it is beyond smooth!! It’s probably the smoothest lip balm I have ever used! And even being unscented, it smells good (it must be the cocoa butter 😉 )!

Also much to my surprise, she included a free Vanilla Lip Balm in the package too! How amazing is that?! But as I mentioned before, I tend to have issues with scented lip balms (but she didn’t know that). I didn’t want to chance using it, so I sent it to my friend Kelly from Kiser Krafts Handmade to try. Here is what Kelly had to say about it:

“Lip-tast-ic lip balm!! I was given a chance to try this NEW handmade lip balm by Hope Naturals Body Care. I am SUPER impressed! So smooth! Smells so nice! And helped my winter chapped lips return to their “spring moistness” – soft and smooth. I will be heading there for MORE in the future!”


It actually took me less than a day to decide that Hope Naturals would be my new supplier of lip balm. I just can’t get over how smooth and amazing this lip balm is!! If I could give it a rating of more than 5 stars, I totally would!! And here it is less than a month later…

Handmade Monday- Hope Naturals Body Care

I already ordered (and received) 4 more. And it’s a good thing because that very first tube didn’t last me long! Did I mention I go through lip balm crazy fast? 😉

But not only is her lip balm amazing, but what she does is too! When you purchase from her shop, you are also helping children in need! Just check out her shop Announcement:

Handmade Monday- Hope Naturals Body Care

As if her amazing products weren’t enough to bring me back! This just warms my heart and makes me want to buy all the things! I haven’t tried her other products as of yet, but if they are anything like the lip balm (and I’m sure they are), they are going to be something I will want to try!

So, if you’re looking for some amazing body care products, visit Hope Naturals Body Care and try it for yourself, while helping out children in need!

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