Handmade Monday- Lu & Ed

Handmade Monday- Lu & Ed

Handmade Monday- Lu & Ed

When I first opened my shop on Storenvy close to 3 years ago, one of the first people I connected with was Cody of Lu & Ed (through the Storenvy Community Group on Facebook). She was (and still is) very friendly and open to helping in any way possible. She is quick to offer advice when other handmade business owners ask for help. As a result, she was someone I quickly began to look up to. I knew I wanted my small business to one day be as wonderful as hers. And even though I no longer sell on Storenvy, we still communicate and help support and encourage each other in the small business world each week! 🙂

One thing I quickly learned from Cody was finding and knowing your target audience. Lu & Ed’s audience is mainly mamas because her products are perfect for children. And while I’m not yet a mother, I have always loved her products! She creates these adorable stuffed monsters (and who doesn’t love a cute stuffed animal?!), Mon-stors (monsters that are great for storage), Library totes, tooth pillows, and more! And all are cute monsters!

Anyways, I have frequently checked in on Cody’s shop to see all of her unique monsters and have drooled over them for quite some time. It’s no secret that I love stuffed animals, so I am always eyeballing those adorable monsters! My husband has never said anything about the stuffed animals that I seem to collect, but I’m sure there is a limit before he tells me enough! So, I have just watched her shop from afar until more recently. Well, Lu & Ed had a Valentine’s Day Giveaway for some store credit and much to my surprise, I won! So, now I had an excuse to go buy one of her cuties! 

Of course, I kept thinking that my husband would probably kill me if I got another stuffed animal. So, I looked around her shop and decided to to with a Mon-stor. I figured he can’t say too much if it’s being used to organize something! 😉 When I came across this cutie, Lydiah, I knew I had to have her! So, I quickly made my purchase before someone else could snag her!

One of the best things about Lu & Ed’s products  is that no 2 are the same (so if you love one in particular, you better grab it while it lasts, which is why I had to hurry and grab Lydiah!). Cody uses up-cycled fabrics that get purchased at thrift stores or salvaged from donated clothing and fabrics. Then, she takes the small leftover scraps and dices them into tiny bits to mix with the poly-fil so there is no landfill waste, making these monsters completely eco-friendly!

Lydiah arrived in a recycled food package, which is another great eco-friendly choice Cody makes with her business. But also included in the package was one of her swag bags. These swag bags include little samples from a few other handmade businesses. And I have to say, all of the items that were included were wonderful!

When Lydiah arrived I was excited to put her to use immediately. So, I decided on the perfect thing to use her to store- my scrap yarn balls! Yarn storage seems to be something I’m always in short supply of around here. Hmm…. I wonder why?  😉 That little Mon-stor sure can hold some yarn balls! And she is very well made too! And you think she’s adorable in the pictures? She’s even better in person! Because I don’t have a craft room, I do my crafting in the living room. So, she’s hanging near my front door, across the room from my recliner. So, I get to look up at her a lot!

I’m really glad I purchased Lydiah because she sure does make me smile when I look up at her! That and she makes my yarn storage a little easier and more fun! And I’ve gotta say, I’m not convinced that I won’t get one of those stuffed monsters sometime! I’m going to have to have one! I’ll just get it while the hubby’s on the road and put it with some of my other ones so it looks like it’s always been there. 😉 Ah, trust me, he’ll notice when he gets home, who am I kidding? Lol. Either way, it’s only a matter of time before I head back to Lu & Ed for something else!

If you’re looking for a unique toy storage idea (or craft storage like me 😉 ), or adorable stuffed monsters, you need to check out Lu & Ed! No, I’m not just saying this because I look up to her and her business or that we support and encourage each other on a weekly basis. Her products are truly as amazing as she is!


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