Handmade Monday- Motivational Tattoo

Handmade Monday- Motivational tattoo, temporary tattoo, motivational tattoo, self esteem, mental health

Handmade Monday- Motivational Tattoo

This week’s Handmade Monday is a little different than normal. It’s not just about me and my thoughts on a specific product. This week, my friend Kelly of Kiser Krafts Handmade has joined with me to share her thoughts as well.  In fact, I’m going to let Kelly start it off…

Here is what Kelly had to say: 

I was scrolling Etsy one day and typed in motivational, looking for a sign or something to lift my spirits…and saw the temporary tattoos by Motivational Tattoo. I “hearted” almost everything in her shop and added a box of them to my “If I had money, when I have money, if I make a sale reward money” list. And waited.

I visited her shop for over a year before such funds opened up. I was SO impressed with how fast they arrived and the quality. It really was life changing to daily see a phrase to encourage me to face “LIFE”. They make me feel empowered, worthy, and strong. I will always make a way to order a box of these Motivational tattoos. They really help my mental health and self esteem.



Sometime after Kelly got her tattoos and started using them, I started seeing pictures with them on her Instagram page. Although she was sharing a project she was working on and not necessarily the tattoo directly, seeing them sparked my interest. I’d actually started feeling overwhelmed or less confident about things in general (you know how life gets) around the time I started seeing her posts. In some of our everyday conversations, she started saying things like “You got this,” “Believe, Achieve,” or “One Step At A Time” which all happened to be what was on her tattoo for that week. Kelly has always had a way of helping to motivate me, but by reminding me of these things from her tattoos, it helped to further encourage and motivate me each day!

This eventually led to the discussion of the tattoos themselves. I asked Kelly where she got them and after she told me, I went in search of this shop. I very quickly decided that these tattoos were something I needed in my life! I felt that if Kelly sharing the message from hers was motivating, that having them myself as well would be even more so.

So, I ordered my set and within a week, they arrived!! That is amazingly quick considering it was coming all the way from the UK! The set includes 3 of each of 5 different tattoos and includes a cute little box to keep them in!

Immediately after receiving my tattoos, I put one on. I couldn’t wait! My first tattoo lasted about 4 days before it was far enough gone for me to remove the rest. In fact, half of it disappeared overnight! But I didn’t waste any time putting another one on! This one lasted much longer than the first- over a week! (The picture here with it partially gone, was taken on day 6!)

So, in my experience with these tattoos so far, they last anywhere from about 4-8 days. That’s pretty awesome! Here’s the way I see it. The tattoo seems to know if it’s the message I need at the time (and Kelly has told me this with her too). It will stay as long as that message is needed. If I only need the message for a few days, it wears off sooner. If I need it longer, it lasts longer!

I must say, these tattoos have seriously helped me with my self doubt and with staying motivated! I’ve been overwhelmed and going crazy some days, but I just look at my wrist and get that instant boost that I need. It’s truly inspirational. Some days I don’t know what I’d do without these simple reminders because they have really helped that much! I know one thing for sure. When I start to get low on this box, I’ll be placing my order for more!

But the motivation of these hasn’t stopped at the visual reminder. Kelly and I tell each other often “You got this” or “One Step at A Time.” They have been a great pick me up for both of us!

Thank you so much, Motivational Tattoo, for your amazing products and the things you do to help support mental health!!

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