Handmade Monday- Natural Body Comfort

So, I finally did it… again!

Back in January, I ordered from Natural Body Comfort for the first time. I ordered a hot/cold therapy wrist wrap. My hand and wrist had started to give me trouble more and more especially with me crocheting so much. And since buying it I have continually shared my love for it with others because it truly helps! I’ve let a few family members and friends try it when they’ve been over to see if it would be something they’d like and they immediately wanted one. My mother-in-law bought one and takes it to work every night with her to help with her arthritic hands. She swears by it… and so do I! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… It has been the BEST investment I’ve made for myself!

This was a picture taken back when I first got it and was trying it out…

wrist wrap


Since purchasing my wrist wrap, I have realized my NEED for more of Debbie’s amazing products. I’ve had arthritis in my neck at least since I was 22 and it has been starting to bother me a lot more. In addition to my neck hurting, I get really tense between my shoulder blades. So, I knew her neck and shoulder wrap would be a great thing to have. I also suffer from sinus problems on a regular basis with all of my allergies. I’ve even had sinus surgery and trust me the pain I feel now is much better than what it was before the surgery, but still a nuisance. So, I’ve had my eye on her eye pillows too. 😉

This month has been rather busy for me, so with the extra business I felt like I could finally splurge a little more on myself. I contacted Debbie about getting both a Neck & Shoulder Wrap and an Eye Pillow from her. I was originally thinking of getting them in a matching pattern to my wrist wrap or one of the fun colorful prints she also offers. I wasn’t even thinking about something custom until she mentioned that she could make them in any pattern. Of course I told her the only other thing I could possibly want was something with penguins. So, she went in search of a penguin fabric for my hot/cold therapy packs! She found one I absolutely LOVE and created a set just for me with it! She is truly fabulous to work with!


I’ve had this set for a few days now and I’m enjoying every minute of it, just like with my wrist wrap! It’s so relaxing! My neck, shoulders, and sinuses are all feeling some relief.

Just a few selfies of me relaxing with my goodies… Do you know how hard it is to take a selfie when you can’t see what you’re doing? Lol. 😉




Anyway, I’m thrilled to have these finally! Another great investment for myself!!


I couldn’t finish this without mentioning the hand warmers I won in her Christmas in July Event at the beginning of the month! Look at these beauties!



I haven’t had a chance to try them out just yet, but my hands get so cold in the winter and my hubby hates it when I put my cold hands on him. So, you know these will be perfect! My hubby will be so thankful that I have them too! And I know I can say they will be amazing just from all of her other products! 🙂


Here are all of my Natural Body Comfort goodies:



Trust me when I say, if you have ANY aches and pains, she is the person to see! She has products to help every part of the body! Visit her on Facebook and check out her shop to get some amazing hot/cold therapy packs of your own!! It will totally be worth it!

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