Handmade Monday- Nerdfelt

Handmade Monday- Nerdfelt

I’ve never been a huge nerd. I mean, I enjoy some things like Marvel, Star Wars, and Pokemon. But there’s a lot of other fandoms I don’t even pretend to understand. Nerdfelt creates so many amazing products no matter what you are into.

Handmade Monday- Nerdfelt

While I like certain fandoms, I’m not obsessed with them nor am I the type of person to buy a bunch of items  associated with them. Plus I unfortunately don’t have the space to buy a lot of those things either. Nerdfelt has some awesome mugs, but I already have way too many of them and my hubby would say something if I bought more. And I’m amazed at her needle felted creations! They are wonderful! But, she has so much more to offer too! So, while I love browsing through and admiring all of Nerdfelt’s amazing products, I didn’t really see my buying much from her…. until she came out with her Happy Mail Stickers.

To be honest, I started off by getting my happy mail stickers from another shop. What started it was that I had won a set of tags and stickers from the other shop and had fallen in love with them. And then decided to purchase some. But then Nerdfelt came out with her Happy mail stickers. When I first saw them, I can remember contemplating getting some because I had already ordered from the other shop. But Nerdfelt’s were different. Instead of being all the exact same, Nerdfelt’s stickers have a variety. So, I decided to get some from her too. And I received my stickers from both shops on the same day.

So, with 2 sets of stickers, I began alternating them with my orders. And as I used them up, I decided to only order more from Nerdfelt. Nerdfelt’s happy mail stickers are bright, colorful, and are all unique. The quality of the stickers is amazing too. I’m super impressed! So, after my first order with Nerdfelt I was hooked!

I’ve ordered these stickers a few more times since then. And I have purchased several sets at a time because I want them for all of my orders and I sometimes go through them fast! There was one set I purchased that came in just in time! We had a snowstorm that kept mail from getting to us for 3 days. And I ended up with a pile of orders to go out. My stickers came in as that pile went out which was perfect because I had 1 sticker left! And included in that order was a sample of some recycled material stickers she was testing out!


I try to reuse boxes when I can to ship my products, so these stickers turned out to be perfect! So, these lucky packages not only got the beautiful happy mail sticker, but the recycled shipping materials sticker as well! (I actually need to order more of those!)

Every time I have ordered from Nerdfelt, I have received my stickers pretty quickly. And even with the 3 day delay from the snowstorm that one time, it was quick. 😉 Each time they arrive with a happy mail sticker on the envelope. It always brings a smile to my face, so I can only imagine how my customers must feel when they get their packages with the stickers on them! It’s not out of necessity that I use these stickers on my packages. It’s because I want my customers to be happy! And the extra touch to make them smile before they even open the package makes getting these stickers even more worth it! 🙂

I’ve still got some stickers from my last order with Nerdfelt, but as soon as I start running low again, I’ll be right back ordering more! Nerdfelt is the only shop I get my happy mail stickers from now. I love being able to choose which sticker goes on which package before they ship out.

And who knows? Maybe one day I’ll see something else in her shop that I just can’t live without. But, I’ll at least keep browsing through and admiring the beauties like her needle felted BB-8!

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