Handmade Monday- Pretty Cute Planner

Handmade Monday- Pretty Cute Planner

Handmade Monday- Pretty Cute Planner


So, it’s no secret that I’ve suddenly become obsessed with planning and with stickers for it! One of the shops I found (well, actually my friend Kelly found and told me about), has quickly become a favorite of mine- Pretty Cute Planner!

I have made 2 purchases so far from PCP. My first purchase was for this super cute Cactus Surprise Set and a set of appointment reminder stickers. They were nicely packaged and came with a free monthly sampler, which is equally as cute!

This set is even cuter in person than it is pictured online! Once I received them, I couldn’t wait to get it into my planner! The picture on the right is my week before the pen. The main stickers are the Cactus set from PCP, but I did include a few other stickers from printables I found or the few stickers I had made (Social media trackers, linkup reminder, and auction stickers).

These stickers fit perfectly into my planner and are great quality! There was even one sticker I started putting in and ended up peeling it back off because it wasn’t where I wanted it. And I was able to move it without any problems. Now, I don’t recommend doing that, but I was able to get it off without tearing the sticker or my planner page!

So, obviously as the week goes by, I add things as I need them. So the end of the week looks so much fuller than the beginning. But nevertheless, this set is a winner! I WILL Be purchasing it again sometime because I love it that much!

After using this set, I quickly returned for more stickers from PCP. This time, I bought much more. In fact, before I made my purchase I messaged Julie to see if she would be converting any of the Happy Planner stickers into Big Happy Planner stickers. She responded within minutes and asked which ones I was interested in. After giving her my selections, she told me she would work on them and have them ready in a few days. I was so impressed! A few days later, as promised, she had the sets converted and listed. So, I proceeded with my purchase.

I will say, although my order shipped within a few days, I was so impatient waiting for them. Knowing the quality and beauty of the stickers I received before, I couldn’t wait to get and use the next ones! This time I bought 2 sets, some quote stickers, laundry sticker, and Happy mail stickers. And again, it came with the adorable monthly sampler.

I had a very hard time waiting through the week to plan because I wanted to use these so badly! Well, this week sports the beautiful butterfly set from PCP! This is just one of the sets she converted for me! There are again a few added stickers from printables or my few in this week, but pretty much every week that I plan includes stickers from many sources. I’m very excited about filling in and using this set this week! Isn’t it beautiful?

I know it won’t be long and I’ll be back to buy more beautiful stickers from PCP. What planner addict can resist this level of cuteness? Pretty Cute Planner is one shop I have bookmarked so I can quickly go back! Love, love, LOVE this shop!!


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