Handmade Monday- QtsyLife

Handmade Monday- Qtsy Life

My love of planning has grown far beyond anything I would have imagined starting out.  And there are only a few shops I have found that I absolutely love buying planner goodies from.  I’m happy to say that Qtsy Life is one of them! Handmade Monday- QtsyLife

So, my first experience with Qtsy Life products was a little over a year ago. She was having a giveaway for her Qtsy Haul and I happened to win it. I remember receiving it and it was a fun, decorated package. Seeing how fun the package was made me even more excited to open it! There were lots of amazing things included (stationary stuff, stickers, washi, even a zipper pouch)! And to be honest, while I loved everything, I had no clue what to do with half of it because at the time, I didn’t do any planning or anything else much with stickers and washi. But, I knew I would eventually think of something great to use everything for! Some things, like the pouch, got put to good use immediately ( it became a storage for my safety eyes) and the other goodies just got put aside for a rainy day.

Well, after I started planning, I remembered I had all of these amazing goodies! And I pulled them out and put them with my planner stuff. So, I’ve been using some of them in my planner throughout the weeks!

Not only do I have the Haul goodies from her, but I have purchased a few of the planner sticker sets she offers. Not as many shops offer stickers for the Big Happy Planner, but Qtsy Life does and that excites me because she has some amazing designs! And she even has a crochet set (and you know how much I love crochet)! I did purchase the crochet set, but believe it or not, I haven’t used it yet! (what?!) I think I’m just saving it for a special week. 😉

One of the sets I bought was this amazing Girl Power set. Using this set really helped to power up my week. I love the blank speech/thought bubble and sound effect stickers! I think those really add to this set! I used my speech/thought bubbles as little motivators from the heroines for those days. It’s definitely a set I will have to use again sometime!

Another one of her sets that I got was the Day Dream set. And wow! I’m amazed at how lovely my week looked! Of course, that week happened to have World Penguin Day, so I had to throw in some penguins, but the week was bright, cheery, and  felt like spring! And I really like quote boxes too. There really isn’t a week I don’t have some sort of quote or Bible Verse in my planner. This one had a few quotes, which I just loved! And all of the little elements that make up this set allow it to be used in so many ways in your planner!

Qtsy Life’s stickers print out very well, they fit nicely into my planner, and are just wonderful! I need to stop holding the crochet set and just use it because I really want to see how beautiful it is in my planner! (I’ll plan to use it in the near future. 😉 ) She has some other lovely sets that I eventually want to get too because there’s nothing quite like having pretty stickers that fit your planner!

Qtsy Life sells more than planner goodies though. She has hair clips, jewelry, and some cute crochet stuff too! I haven’t tried any of her other products because well…. I don’t wear much jewelry, or do anything much with my hair and don’t have a little girl to use clips on, and as you know I crochet, so, like most crocheters, don’t buy much crochet items. But, I love browsing through her items because they are all so wonderful! For now I’ll stick with her planner goodies, but if a need arises for some cute stuff, I know where to go!

Be sure to check out Qtsy Life for yourself!

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