Handmade Monday- Pelhuaz by Red

Handmade Monday- Pelhuaz by Red

Handmade Monday- Pelhuaz by Red

For this week’s Handmade Monday, I have the pleasure of having Kelly of Kiser Krafts Handmade join me again! In fact, she will be joining me on several more Handmade Monday posts over the next few months. All because we have become such great friends and we enjoy a lot of the same things, so naturally purchase from many of the same makers. Part of this is because we love something so much we have to share it with the other! So, you get 2 reviews all in the same post! And trust me, we aren’t just being biased when we write these. They are our true feelings about the products! Although, I won’t lie. This week’s Handmade Monday may include a tad bit of bias since Kelly and I have both become good friends with Zei, the owner of Pelhuaz! 😉 But really, we’re being honest here!

Anyways, without further ado, Kelly, lead the way!


First, let me say about Pelhuaz is the customer service. Zei is amazing at answering questions, helping with check out issues, and creating something just for you if you ask.

 I met Pelhuaz, goodness, about 3 years ago. And I ordered an owl necklace (not pictured as I failed to take a photo of it). It arrived with a hand written note and an extra sweet flower charm on a pretty string. I was so impressed. I continued to stalk this NEW drool worthy shop. The owner took a small break due to personal matters (shh she had a sweet baby boy) and returned with NEW vibrant jewelry and a ton of amazing NEW ideas – including apparel that is super trendy and chic.

And recently, she added a NEW line of planner essentials. Now, I am a proud owner of a gorgeous lime bar necklace (it matches half my wardrobe), firey earrings (as well as Love ones), 4 amazingly chic t-shirts – that are functional, comfy, and cute – and NEW planner sticker kits.

SHE created a sticker sheet just for me, when I inquired if she could create one with a crochet theme and that could help track kids bath time and meal planning. BOY did she create the most beautiful sticker kit for me.

I am so thankful Zei is part of my crafty, creative tribe. She inspires me daily to reach for my goals. And when I wear my “I’m Crafty” or my “Goddess Bubble” tee, I feel empowered, pretty, and ready to take life by it’s horns.

If you are seeking trendy chic with a Boho feel, Pelhuaz is the shop for you!


Gosh, how do I add to what Kelly has already said? First off, I’m a tad bit jealous of her shirts because I really want to get some of Pelhuaz’s shirts for myself! But I’m waiting a bit longer since I’m actively losing weight. But, I will eventually get some! 😉 So, I don’t have nearly as many items by Pelhuaz as Kelly does. But I must say, Zei has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know!

So, between Kelly and Zei, I somehow ended up in the Planner world. I must say though, I’m totally not complaining because it has proven very helpful! As Pelhuaz released all of these planner sticker sets, I kept looking at them and wishing I had a need for them because they are just so amazing! And it wasn’t long before I invested in my first planner. Let me just say, her stickers were the first ones I printed out!

As Kelly mentioned, Zei is willing to make anything for you if you just ask her! Well, once Zei made Kelly her own set of stickers, she reached out to me to ask if there were any specific ones I needed! And of course, like Kelly, I wanted more crochet stickers. They are not something you find just anywhere. But Zei took the time to listen to my needs and designed my own wonderful sheet! And since I’m allergic to coffee (yes, I really am), coke is my go to for caffeine and she was awesome and put that it my set!! And she made my stickers in purple since that’s my favorite color!!

I’ve gotten bad about remembering to send out Newsletters, so those cute email stickers are really going to be a life saver! I’ve got stickers to track my sales, wonderful crochet stickers, laundry stickers, happy mailing stickers, and even penguins, all from Pelhuaz!! 😀

I immediately printed my sheet and stickered up my next week in my planner. Then after I did, I found the Big Happy Planner on sale at Michaels and bought a whole new planner and abandoned the old one. No worries. I quickly reprinted that sheet to use in my new planner!


And because Zei is so amazing, I even got a new planner clip and some stickers to go with my new planner!

I’ve gotta say, I’ve been using some of her stickers in EVERY week of planning since I got my first planner! They are so versatile! I just love them so much! And this week is no exception. The week is just beginning and before filling anything in, I already had included the Happy Mailing sticker from one of her sets! 

I don’t really forsee any week of planning that doesn’t include some of Pelhuaz’s stickers. She has cute, functional stickers for all parts of your personal and small business life! And she keeps releasing even more amazing ones too!

Pelhuaz hasn’t seen the last of Kelly and I. In fact, something tells me that we’ve only just begun! 😀


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  1. OMG! What a wonderful surprise! I was late to all my internet scrolling and I stop by to this amazing review. Thank you so much. You really made my Monday morning a perfect one! <3 Love you both!

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