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Well, Thursday is Thanksgiving, so I don’t want to wait and give you my thoughts then because I won’t be online much that day and don’t expect you to be either. So I thought I’d do a Monday Musings post in place of this week’s Thursday Thoughts. I have a few business related things to share and then something more personal to follow up on a recent Thursday Thoughts post. So, here goes…


Discontinued items: 

Recently I accepted a custom plastic canvas order for some coasters. They came out great and I enjoyed making them, but unfortunately it killed my hand to do it. In the past, when creating the baby bodysuits with the appliques on them, I have had the same problem. So, it saddens me to say that any and all products that involve hand stitching in any way will be discontinued in my shop. Once I sell out of the current stock of these items, I will no longer make them. This means I won’t be accepting custom orders for them either. Luckily it doesn’t include too many of my products, so you will be able to continue to enjoy most of the items I sell. But if you want any of the products pictured below, you need to hurry to my shop and grab them while you can!

Along with discontinuing these items, I will be destashing the materials used to create these. I have leftover onesies, small pieces of fabric, and plastic canvas. So if you are interested in some of those items, let me know before I start selling them!



Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday Super Sale! 

This weekend, The Craft Penguin will be having a Weekend Super Sale! I couldn’t seem to choose 1 single day to have the sale, so why not have it all weekend?! The sale will be good in BOTH my Storenvy and Etsy shops!

The sale will be good on all Ready to Ship items, NOT CUSTOM ORDERS.

Super Sale

The Personal Bit: 

Ok, so now that I got the business piece out of the way, here comes the personal part. A few weeks ago I shared a Thursday Thoughts post that was personal about things going on in my life. But I chose to leave some things out and not tell you everything, but said that when I was up to it that I would share more. I feel I am ready to share now, but if you can’t get past the next few sentences, I totally understand. This isn’t easy for me either.

Well, the past month has been hectic. At the time of the last post, I had just been told that my mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and it was already at Stage 3. From this point, she was on full time oxygen. Days later when I went to her appointment with her, we found out it was actually Stage 4. Everything has progressed very fast from there. Within a week or so, she was going through her first chemo treatment, which I was there for. They gave her the Neulasta auto injector which delivers the meds about 27 hours after the chemo and then she could pull the device off. This is to boost the white blood cells in the body to keep up her immune system. By this time, she was already struggling to walk around on her own. But after the Neulasta, she was in so much pain that she couldn’t walk at all. After calling the doctor’s office, she was told to go into the ER and she was admitted to the hospital from there.

They did some more tests and found that the cancer had spread into her pelvic area and there was a nodule in her hip joint which was making it hard to walk. So they decided to start radiation. The first few radiation treatments made it so she could stand up and move a little bit again, but she still had been quite miserable at this point. She was quite sick and her platelets were low from the radiation, so they couldn’t continue treatment. And at this point, she decided not to continue anyways.

Less than a week after being admitted to the hospital, the doctor told her she would never be going home. My aunt immediately flew down from Massachusetts to stay with her at the hospital until 1 of 2 things happened- her condition became stable, or it was over.

I had been back and forth to the hospital twice a day for 2 weeks and spent lots of time with her. I watched her progressively get worse and worse until a week ago. Last Monday was very hard to face. Actually one of the hardest things I have ever had to face. In the morning when I went to the hospital, she wasn’t really talking, but she would give a smile and a thumbs up. When I went back in the evening, the hospice nurse and my aunt (who is a nurse up north) both said the same things. It’s any time now. Say whatever needs to be said, this is it. When I went in, I saw a drastic change from that morning. I won’t be detailed, but you could tell she was at peace even though her breathing was labored. It was hard to leave that night knowing that would be the last time I would see her alive. I finally left around 9:30, so my aunt could get some sleep. At 10:40, I was getting a phone call saying she had passed at 10:30.

I am going to miss her greatly, but I am happy that she is in a better place and no longer suffering. Her and I had our ups and downs along the way. For those of you who don’t know, she was actually my stepmom. My birth mother passed away when I was 4 years old. My dad remarried when I was 10 and then he passed away when I was 14. She had recently remarried – 3 years ago tomorrow to be exact.

This Thanksgiving and Christmas will be so different without her. This was her favorite time of the year and she always cooked a big meal for Thanksgiving. My brother, stepdad and I have decided not to cook this year, but rather go out as a family. The next few months will be tough, but I will be fine. 🙂 I have God on my side and lots of friends and family to lean on as well. And I have all of my amazing fans who support me! Thanks guys, you rock!


I wear pearl

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month






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