Penguin Luv Week 24

Welcome to the Penguin Luv Link up!

This is a weekly linkup for handmade products from your online shop. The goal is to help promote your business and get your items seen by new groups of people. Don’t forget to come back throughout the week after linking up to check out the other amazing products and share some of them! This will help the linkup to grow and help you to gain exposure! I can’t wait to see all of the amazing products in the link up!!

Last week’s linkup had 48 links, 83 clicks, and 73 views! A tad lower than last week’s epic, record setting linkup, but we will keep it growing! Please keep sharing our linkup so that more and new people can come join the fun each week and you get even more free exposure! I love seeing all of the amazing products everyone creates! Don’t forget the new linkups occur every Tuesday!


Most Viewed

Mali Ebony Wood and Silver Earrings by Shadow Dog Designs

SparkleRay Lion by Kiser Krafts Handmade

Little Peanut Baby Elephant Favor Tags by Adore By Nat

Baby Crochet Elephant by The Craft Penguin

Awww, THANKS AGAIN for all of the love this week! You all really ROCK! And I truly mean it!! 🙂

Penguin Picks

Mini Stuffed Monster- Polki by Lu & Ed

A little consideration… Eeyore Vinyl Wall Decal by Decal Drama

Jelly Baby? Lip Balm Tube by Nerdtastic

Foot Warmer Heat Therapy Rice Bag by License 2 Craft

Be sure to check out these and other amazing products the featured shops have! Just click the links below the pictures to check them out! These shop owners are all amazing people and they have amazing products in their shop walls!!

Moving onto a new week!

So, here’s how it works:

  1. Link up to THREE individual products from your shop.
  2. Come back to the Link up to view the the amazing products and choose THREE products from the collection to share via social media using #PenguinLuv
  3. Please comment below what 3 items you shared and where.

You may link up any individual items that you created. Please DO NOT LINK UP BLOG POSTS OR FACEBOOK PAGES. Please don’t share to Pinterest without the permission from the shop owner.

How to link up:
Click the blue Frog button at the bottom. Click the blue “Add your link” button. Then enter the URL, link title (edit if you want), and your email address. Select thumbnail photo and click Done!

You will have 6 chances to be featured each week when you link up! Don’t forget to share the link up so more people will see your amazing products! I can’t wait to see  your amazing #PenguinLuv products!


11 thoughts on “Penguin Luv Week 24

  1. Thank you for the link up! And am thrilled my earrings were a most viewed item – thanks! Here are the items I shared so far: Martin Manatee; green, red and gold, dichro earrings; crocheted Easter chick; the mini Hitchhiker towels; and, the Peter Rabbit cupcake toppers.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer. I’m sharing blue sodalite by Shadowdogdesigns, blue beads by Covergirlbeads, dichroic earrings by Umeboshi, and accent purse by Kiser Krafts.

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