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November is here! And that means Christmas is just around the corner! Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you need to get to shopping for all those people on your list! Have you been considering purchasing handmade gifts? If not, you should!

Why Shop Handmade:

  • First of all, handmade items are all unique. Even if an artist makes multiples of a particular item, there will same-gift
    always be slight differences. You may not always notice them, but the artist will! This means you will never find the same item anywhere else. They aren’t mass produced and sold everywhere, which also means nobody else will be giving the same gift as you!
  • buy-handmadeAnother great benefit of buying handmade is that you can get items customized! You can choose colors, size, add the person’s name… the options are endless! Get something completely personalized and the recipient will totally love it!
  • We’re all familiar with cheaply made products. You know, the ones that break in no time? A true artisan takes pride in the work they do. They are passionate about what they do, so they put a ton of love and care into each and every product they make. As a result, you end up with a high quality product that will last forever!buy-local
  • Buying handmade shows that you took time and put thought into the gift you are giving. Handmade takes time to create, so it’s not something you can buy at the very last minute. Trust me, the recipient will appreciate the thought that went into the gift you gave.
  • When you purchase something handmade, you are not just helping with the economy, but you are directly helping a specific family. You help them put food on the table, pay for things their kids need, etc.
  • And one more bonus of buying handmade… you can avoid the crowded shopping malls and stores!


Ok, you convinced me. Now, where do I start?

So, now you are probably wondering where to start on all of this shopping for handmade items, right? Well, have no fear, help is here! Zei from Pelhuaz created an AMAZING Gift Guide!! And the best part? There is something in it for EVERYONE!! These are all items from shops I personally love and recommend too! So, what are you waiting for? Get your shopping started!! Just click the image to go to the gift guide.



Don’t forget to have fun!



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