Small Biz Spotlight- The Dizzy Windmill

Each month we  feature one amazing business to help us all meet new people, build relationships, and support each other in the small business community! This month’s feature is from a shop that specializes in geek couture & quirky wearables and home goods . So, without further ado, I introduce to you…

Shelly M of The Dizzy Windmill



Tell us a little bit about yourself:goth bracelet

I’ve always disliked this question, never really know what to say. I am me – I love all sorts of artsy things, (music, dance, film, photography, books…) I’ve tried many mediums myself over the years and was awful at drawing and painting. Then I found knitting. I’m a bit of a nerd – doctor who being my biggest fandom. And my personal aesthetic leans more towards gothic.


chickenWhen did you open your business and what inspired you to start it?

I think I opened on Storenvy around 2010. But moved to Etsy in 2015, with a new name and better focus for my brand.


Tell a little bit about your business: paper bead bracelet

Most of what I make is knitted, and I try to keep things quirky or geek inspired. I try to keep things somewhat green too by using scraps of yarn as toy filling…and of course the paper bead jewelry.


What do you enjoy most about running your business?

This is kind of a toughie – of course I love creating. and I have a list miles long of ideas, but I also enjoy the interaction on social media.


tardis trivetWhat goals do you have for your business over the next year?

Expansion mostly – last year I didn’t get nearly as many new things made and listed as I wanted to, so I hope to stay really focused and have plenty of “geek chic” goodies for my fans.


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting a new business/shop?celtic knot necklace

Have patience, and be consistent. Sales will most definitely not come over night. So it can be frustrating to have something you love and think others will love only to sit around for a couple months. But if your photography is good (and consistent) and you regularly promote/interact then you’ll start to see things trickle in, the fan base grow etc.


scarfAnything else you’d like to share?

Try to have a vision, especially when branding and choosing what to make to sell. While you don’t HAVE to keep to that theme all the time, it does help keep you focused, and get some name recognition/trust to potential buyers.

But also don’t be afraid to change if something doesn’t feel right – I started out as “tiger knitty” cuz – I loved tigers. There was no direction. Then I came upon the name for The Dizzy Windmill and the rest just fell into place.




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