Small Biz Spotlight- Wilde Designs

Each month we  feature one amazing business to help us all meet new people, build relationships, and support each other in the small business community! This month’s feature is from a shop that specializes in a conglomeration of geeky products! So, without further ado, I introduce to you…


Beth Howard of Wilde Designs


Tell us a little bit about yourself:ram keychain

I’m a geeky graphic designer from Texas. I work full time doing design for a university, and in my “spare time,” I run Wilde Designs. In addition to that, I’m mom to a wonderful four-year-old boy and three puppies.


fluffy printWhen did you open your business and what inspired you to start it?

I opened Wilde Designs in 2007. I’d actually dabbled in selling crafts before to family and friends, and when times got tight for my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I, it made sense as another way to bring in some extra income.


Tell a little bit about your business.

star wars domino necklace

While I do tend to make and sell a little bit of whatever catches my eye, the core of my shop has always been geeky things. I’m into Star Wars and superhero movies and horror with a liberal dash of classic Victorian flourishes and lots of reading. It all comes together to make the odd geeky conglomeration that is me – and my shop.


angel earringsWhat do you enjoy most about running your business?

I love finding out what appeals to people. It’s incredibly fun making things, but it’s even more fun putting them out into the world and seeing what connects with the audience and what my fans get excited about. That just helps me build more excitement to plunge into the next project.


What goals do you have for your business over the next year?


Like most people, I’d like to grow my sales. Over the last two years, I started doing some in person craft shows and cons, and I want to continue that because the face to fact contact is intimidating for me as an introvert but also a lot of fun. I also want to streamline my operations a bit and focus more, especially on jewelry and notebooks since those are two of my favorite things to make.


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting a new business/shop?

saved you a slice stickerDo things that you are passionate about. Some of them will go over fantastically with your audience and some won’t, but you never learn more about them or yourself if you never try anything new. That next project? That might be the one that breaks through for you, so keep pushing.


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