The Adventures of Gerri

First things first. Let me introduce you to Gerri and I’ll tell you the story that has led to some interesting adventures.

So, in July 2015 I decided to make my first crochet giraffe. I just so happened to be on the truck with my husband at the time. (In case you didn’t know, he’s a truck driver.) This giraffe was “born” somewhere between Texas and Kansas since it took me a while to create.

giraffeOnce I finished making it, I set it on the corner of the dashboard looking out the windshield. It sat there all night, so when we left the truck and came back, we could actually see it from a distance and didn’t have to double check that we were going back to the right truck. (Sometimes there are many trucks from the same company parked within close proximity of each other, so you have to check the truck number sometimes to be sure because they all look alike).

Well, this kinda started something. I tried several times to put the giraffe “away” until I got it home. But, my hubby liked having it in the windshield at night. So, every night we had to put this giraffe in the windshield to make it easier to find the truck.

I got this giraffe listed into my shop and then decided it would be fun to name it and give it a little bio in the description, so I asked for name suggestions. My best friend, who is a writer and is awesome at coming up with names, suggested Gerri. Not only for the alliteration of Gerri the Giraffe, but also because Gerri can be a gender neutral name. When I created this giraffe, I purposely created it with colors that would make it gender neutral. So I decided that Gerri fit perfectly. And Gerri got his name.

By the time we got home later in the month, my husband and I had grown attached to Gerri. My husband even told me that he would be taking Gerri back on the road with him! I kept telling my hubby that he couldn’t have Gerri since he was in my shop, but that didn’t stop him! So, I actually made a second “Gerri” to sell in it’s place. Until now, this has been kept a secret. Gerri’s twin was adopted at a craft show and she was named Stripey by the adorable little girl who got her. 🙂 Gerri lives in the truck with my husband and only comes home for a few days at a time with him. But Gerri loves to travel, so it works out well for him.

So, what about the adventures you ask? Well, every now and then my husband sends me pictures of Gerri from the road. And sometimes they are quite amusing! Sometimes Gerri’s position would be completely random or accidental, but made for a cool photo. So, I’m going to share the pictures he has sent me with you. Some of them are very open to interpretation as to what is going on in them. Some of the pictures I took over the past few weeks while I was on the road with him (but I’ll tell you which ones they are).





Now, here are the ones I took while I was on the road with him.

Gerri had some relaxing moments…


And he got some snuggle time with daddy.


And he also tried to be a sweetie and help me crochet new products for my shop. He was working on a poop emoji here. Go figure…



Gerri is very lovable, but is also very mischievous at times. Once while we were home, he tried to buy himself online. He has also photobombed many of the images I created for my Facebook posts. But he is such a sweetheart, so you can’t help but love him!

So, now that you know all about Gerri, be on the lookout for more adventures! Feel free to leave comments to caption some of these pictures if something comes to mind!

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