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I am going to warn you before I really get started that this post is in no way planned out. I feel like my mind is so full of things that I just need to let some of it out. So I apologize now if it turns into rambling…

Lately I feel like my whole world has been turned upside down. There are way too many things going on in my life and it has been very emotional to say the least. To begin with, I got news in April that my teaching job would be cut in June due to budget cuts. I have been a teacher for 7 years and suddenly have no job. And trying to find another job has been a nightmare besides. I am truthfully looking for something outside of the education field which is proving to be difficult. I won’t share why I am looking outside of the education field, but I will say I love teaching, but it is very stressful and I rarely had a moment to myself. My husband, who is a truck driver, decided to leave a local job and go back over the road to help us because of my job situation. It is tough having him gone most of the time and only seeing him for a few days at a time. And he’s talking about not even coming home for any of the holidays and just staying out.  🙁

But besides that, I have been off of one of my asthma meds for 2 months because of insurance being difficult in the last month I had it and now switching to my husband’s insurance, it’s taking time to get it. I am hoping to get the word that I will have it any day now. It is the only medicine that controls my asthma. So, the past few weeks have really been rough with that.

To top it all off, there was some other family related news that was given to me last week. Emotionally I am up and down right now with it all. But I am a woman of Faith and I will get through this as I have in the past. Maybe when I feel more up to it, I will share more about what is going on. But until then, if you are a prayer warrior, I’d appreciate your prayers.


I feel that running The Craft Penguin is one of the most positive things that is going on in my life right now. I enjoy having all of the extra time to devote to my business! I love creating new items, designing images, and marketing my items online! Unfortunately it doesn’t pay my bills, but it does help. So, things are getting financially tight right now and I am hoping I don’t have to come back in a few months to tell you I have to close my shop for a while. I don’t really want to go into details why at the moment, but just know that it is a possibility.

So, with all of this going on, if I seem a bit MIA online, (or forget things like I did this week with the linkup) just know that I’m not ignoring you! I love all of my fans! But as you all know, Family comes first! Thanks for “listening!”

<3 Jennifer

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