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Where Has The Craft Penguin Been? UPDATE

Back at the beginning of December, I decided to fill in a map of all the places The Craft Penguin has been. It has been 2 months and many orders since then, so I thought I’d give you an update!

By the beginning of December we had reached 19 states and 3 other countries. Here’s the map before:

product map

Well, as of now we have reached 25 states and 4 countries! Here’s the updated map:

product map2

It’s so exciting to watch the map slowly fill in more! As we continue to spread across the U.S. and into other countries, we will continue to update you!


Opinions Please!

Ok, so I’m starting to think towards Easter. (No, I didn’t forget about St. Patty’s Day, just haven’t made the shamrocks yet, but will soon.) I made one Easter egg to start out with to see how it would turn out and to ask for your opinion. This egg is about 3 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide, just in case you were wondering. But anyway, I was thinking of making these cute eggs like I did with the hearts for Valentine’s Day. Here’s where your opinion is needed. Do you like it better with the face on it, or plain? Again, in case you are wondering, this is the same egg, I just turned it around for the picture to compare. And FYI: this is the only egg that will be created with this yarn color because I have a very limited amount of it left (and don’t exactly remember where I bought it and haven’t seen it anywhere recently). So, leave a comment below and tell me: face or plain?


Mystery Amigurumi

Have you visited our shop yet this week? There is a new and exciting product listed! It’s a mystery amigurumi! Each month I will be choosing a product either from my shop or a new item. When you order it, I will create one for you based on the color grouping you select. You won’t know what it is until you open the package! If you do order one I will ask you to be fair and not share a picture or tell anyone what it is until the month is over. That way it remains a secret for others. I will reveal the product at the beginning of the next month for those curious, but can’t purchase one for one reason or another.

Anyway, so you know I have the hardest time containing my excitement when I create a new product. And February’s mystery amigurumi is a new product! (I’m not giving any more clues than that!) So, it’s killing me to not list it and share it with you! This ______ is putting me on cuteness overload! I want someone to know what it is so badly, but I can’t reveal it until March 1. The only other way for someone to know is to buy one. Now, with it being a mystery, I am slightly discounting the price of the items each month. Once new items are revealed and listed, they will be listed at the full price. February’s mystery amigurumi is valued at $18 and sits 7 1/2 inches tall, but is currently listed for $14! Great deal if I have to say so! But just because I’m eager to share with someone, the first person to order one will automatically have $2 taken off at checkout (no coupon needed). It will expire after the first person makes the purchase, so hurry! You can grab your mystery amigurumi here.

Feel free to comment below with guesses as to what you think it is! Again, I will not reveal it until March 1. But if you are the first person to guess correctly (doesn’t count if you buy one and then comment an answer- no cheating!), you’ll get a $5 off coupon for a $10 purchase in our shop (will be issued on March 1)!



2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I love the eggs, and I like them with a face, personally. I actually had a basket full of cloth eggs my grandma made me when I was little, and I always loved to play with them – maybe small baskets of these with a few eggs each? They’d be precious Easter gifts!

    1. I like the face too! I think it adds to it and makes them more fun! I was definitely thinking in terms of Easter gifts, but you’re right, it would beg a good idea to have some little baskets for them. Great idea! Thanks! 😀

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