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Christmas Shipping Deadline Approaching!

First of all, I want to remind you of our shipping deadline within the U.S.! If you want something in time for Christmas, the last day to order will be December 11th! I will not be closing down my shop for the season like many others are. It will remain open, however, please understand that if you order past the December 11 deadline, I can not guarantee that it will arrive in time for Christmas. Yes, it’s still a possibility you will get it before Christmas depending on when you order, but there is no guarantee.

Where in the World has The Craft Penguin Been? 

Where Craft Penguin been

As I sent out a few orders recently, I got to wondering. How many states have our products been to? So I looked at all of our previous orders, past giveaway winners, Fan of the Week gifts and game winners to find out! After looking through everything, I colored in a map to take a look. Would you believe that The Craft Penguin has been to 19 states in the past year and a half?! And that’s not all! We have also shipped to Canada and Spain! Also, 2 people who purchased locally told me they were sending the product they bought to Germany! So The Craft Penguin’s products have reached 19 states and 3 countries outside of the U.S.! That is super exciting!!

**EDIT: As of this morning, I just received an Etsy order for one of my patterns that was from the United Kingdom! So… that makes 19 states and 4 countries!! 😀 Woohoo!

Just a side note: In case you’ve ever wondered about International shipping- we will ship internationally, but you need to contact us prior to purchasing so we can figure out exact shipping costs for you. We include shipping to Canada along with the U.S.

product map

I’d like to continue to reach new areas and fill in this map a bunch more over the next year. So, for a limited time (through January 11 but keep in mind our shipping deadline for Christmas), I am going to offer a 20% discount on purchases made in any of the states left uncolored! Just use coupon code HELPREACH50. Please be honest and don’t use it if you are in one of the states that I colored in. With some of the smaller states, if you can’t tell if it’s colored in or left white, feel free to ask!

Small Biz Spotlight

Typically we do our Small Biz Spotlight on the 3rd Friday of each month. But because of the holidays approaching and some shops closing down for the season, I thought we’d do December’s Spotlight early! So, be on the lookout tomorrow for our final Small Biz Spotlight of 2015! And please, feel free to apply to be featured next year!

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