Thursday Thoughts

A Change to our Small Biz Spotlight: 

Don’t worry, this change is not a bad one. In fact, it’s awesome! I have been receiving more applications to be featured than I thought I would! Yay!! 😀 So, rather than making new applicants wait until June or later to be featured, I’m going to start doing our Small Biz Spotlight TWICE a month!! So, the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month will feature a new shop/business! If applications slow down, then we will only have it once for the month. Even with the change, I’m still scheduled through the beginning of April.But you are welcome to apply at any time to be featured and I will let you know when to expect to see it! You can apply here.


Our Amigurumi:

I have been trying to keep up with the demand of all of my amigurumi animals and creating new ones! I have a long list of new ones to make, many (but not all) of which came from all of you! Believe me when I say, I’m working on it! People suggest new ideas to me frequently and being just me (and also having a day job) I can only do so much at a time. I am working hard to take everyone’s ideas and turn them into some amazing products! I definitely appreciate those of you who share your ideas with me and I encourage you to keep them coming!

Just to give you an idea of my current list, I have all of these planned (in no particular order) for sometime (in addition to keeping up with and restocking ones already in my shop):

seahorse, fox, panda, polar bear, zebra, hedgehog, digger loader, sock monkey, horse, a bunch of Star Wars characters, more dinosaurs, and probably some others I forgot about…

Whew! That’s a lot thinking about it! Of course, if you want something and you want it soon (whether it’s on my to do list or not), you can always request a custom order! If you order it, it goes to the top of my list (along with any other orders I have). Someone custom ordered a ladybug and I made it in 2 sizes for her! I only have 1 size in stock currently because again- it’s just me trying to do it all!)

Just this week I have released a few new ones that I’m very proud of. This unicorn is one such project. Many people seemed interested in having a unicorn, so I decided to create one using no pattern, just the vision in my head. (Of course, I wrote the pattern down as I made this!) I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

unicorn collage

I also made these microphones (using a pattern, I will admit). I was asked if they had a rattle in it (these don’t), which I thought was a great idea! So, I will probably be making some smaller ones (without a pattern) and inserting a rattle piece! See, I just love your ideas!



So, if you give me an idea and don’t see it for a while, just know it’s on my list! I’m not ignoring you! 🙂


Oh yeah, and this weekend my truck driver hubby is home from the road, so I don’t expect to have time to do much crafting. But trust me, I will try to squeeze a little bit in when I can. 😀 So, if I’m not as active online from now until Monday, it’s because I’m spending time with my hubby who I only see for a few days every month or two.

I hope your weekend is wonderful! Until next time….




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