Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday!

Another week has flown by and it’s almost the weekend. Are you ready? I am. But at the same time, I’m not. See, when you’re a small business owner with no kids and a husband who is gone more than he is home (mine is a truck driver), the weekend doesn’t mean the typical break from work. Because if I took a break from work then, I’d have nothing much to do and I’d be bored out of my mind. So, yes, I work 7 days a week. But I do take time away to go to church on Sunday mornings. 🙂 But really, it isn’t “work” to me because it’s something I enjoy so much!

Then you throw in 100 of the same thing….

Ok, let’s be real here. I am still pumped that I got into this subscription box! But, there comes a point when you get tired of making the SAME exact thing over and over again. It’s been daunting to get all of these done and in a reasonable amount of time. But I’m still working really hard on them! I had a major setback when I had to go out of town for a funeral and was gone a week, but I’m working to make up for it. I’m down to 30! I’m hoping to whip out a good handful today, but we’ll see. That all depends on how I feel this afternoon.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail here, but I’ve finally started physical therapy for my back. And I’m glad I’m there to help me get better. But, they wear me out! On the days I go, I end up with next to no energy the rest of the day because I’m so tired. And that results in me not getting much of anything done. So now, 2 days of the week (not the weekends), I am not getting much done. Which further sets me behind on things. So, why not schedule PT for the afternoon? One word- traffic.

The area in which I live is surrounded by bridges and tunnels. I live on a Peninsula. People are so afraid of the bridge-tunnels and I really don’t get it. They ride their breaks going into the tunnel and through the tunnel, so it backs up traffic. Just drive people! The only real difference here is you have walls around you! Anyways (mini rant over), I have to go through the tunnel to get to my PT. Knowing my area, the best time to go is a little bit after morning rush hour to about 2 pm. Around 2 pm is when traffic starts picking up again for some reason. So… between 9 am- 2 pm. Not a big window. So, I try to stick to around 10 am to avoid as much traffic as possible. There are still mornings when I have to sit in it on the way there or back, but tunnel traffic is unpredictable. (Like I can tell by looking at the map that I’m going to need to leave earlier this morning because there is an accident before the tunnel- ugh!)

So, back to what I was saying… I don’t get much done on PT days. All I want to do is sit on the computer and relax. But, if I’m going to be on the computer, I should at least try to be productive in another way, right?

You may remember me saying a few times that I started a second business called Craft Penguin Planner at the beginning of the month. I have to say, I’m really loving it! I’ve always loved designing graphics. And I don’t know why I never pursued it as a career. I never went to school for it either. I became a teacher. Anyhow, I feel at peace creating stickers. It gives me a chance to do something with my desire to design graphics! So, after wasting a bunch of time after therapy on Tuesday, it hit me that I should be doing something other than scrolling FB. So, I created more stickers! And I’m so excited with what I’ve done! This week has been productive for CPP as well as The Craft Penguin!

My newest sticker sets include this cute Penguin set made for World Penguin Day but also for my Penguin obsession. And I also made this Coffee sticker set! Both come in Big or Classic Happy Planner sizes!


So, even on my down days after PT, I’m trying to stay productive. While it can be tough at times, I have my handy planner to help me!

Believe it or not, I used to be one of those people who heard of planners and thought “I don’t need one of those,” “I’ve got everything under control without a planner,” or “things are just too crazy to have time to use a planner.” Now, I don’t know what I’d do without it!

When business and life started getting a little too crazy for me earlier this year, I decided to give the planner a try. And I must say I’ve been attached since. I started with a small planner, but very quickly outgrew it. I started seeing my need for it and using it to it’s fullest potential. Having not only 1, but 2 businesses now, it has helped tremendously! My planner helps me keep track of ift I posted on Social media and which social media I posted on for which business. It helps me keep track of appointments and other personal things, as well as tasks to complete for business and my personal life each day, and so much more! I feel so much more organized! And when I was out of town and didn’t have anything much to plan, I felt lost!

I just happened to also fall in love with the stickers for it, which is where CPP came in. But I won’t repeat myself.

So, that’s been my life lately in a nut shell. I’m sorry if I’ve been a little bit quieter than normal lately, but as you can see, I’ve got a lot going on! I should be completely caught up here soon so I can reopen my Etsy shop, but please give me another week or so just in case. Thanks as always for your support! You guys rock!! 😀

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