Thursday Thoughts- Changes Coming…

So, we just celebrated 2 years here at The Craft Penguin, which I’m very excited about! But it looks like it might be time to make some BIG changes…

Over the past week or two, Storenvy has been testing out a “Handling fee” on the site. While it would appear that it comes from me, it is a fee that is added by THEM at checkout and YOU have to pay it to shop with me. They haven’t decided a final fee price yet, but when they do, it will be a flat rate for every purchase. The fee is to help keep the site running and ensure that they are available if you need them for support. I would personally rather pay them a fee myself instead of you paying for it (as would lots of us shop owners), but they don’t see it that way.

There has also been some talk about them allowing people to pay to be an “Editors Pick” and other promo stuff, and the way they initially came across with it doesn’t sit well with me either. But now I see it is in effect already. You can pay for being an Editor Pick, being featured on their front page, or featured in emails. And the prices are just too high for small businesses. And why pay for something that was a privilege before for having an amazing shop/item and was picked by the staff?

I’m really upset about how things have gone down the last few weeks, so I’m leaving Storenvy. 🙁 I’m looking between going to another marketplace comparable to Storenvy before these new shopper fees OR going with my own site. If I go to my own site I will be converting this blog over to having both the blog and shop into one website. There are 2 sides to WordPress- the .com and the .org sides. The .com side is what I’m currently using and it’s free. The .org side is paid, but allows more customization, so I’d be able to add a shop. But I’m not sure if I can move my followers over or if you’ll have to find me again. So, if you follow me here and don’t anywhere else, please do yourself (and me) a favor- go follow me on my Facebook page! Any updates about what I choose to do will be posted there! If I do switch over my WordPress, things will be shut down here for a little bit while I get the new site running (including our weekly linkup).

I didn’t want to suddenly change everything without giving everyone a warning first and a reason why. I’m sad about having to make changes, but excited too! Nothing will suddenly change this weekend since I do have a few orders and things to wrap up first, but as soon as I have time, changes will begin. I will let you know what I decide soon, so stay tuned!



Meanwhile, my Storenvy shop will remain open. However, if you want something from me and don’t want to pay the Handling fee, I’m also over on Etsy. And if there is something you want from my Storenvy shop that’s not on my Etsy, feel free to message me. I will set it up on Etsy just for you! I want to make this transition as smoothly as possible for everyone!

What are your thoughts about the new Handling fees? Would you pay them to be able to shop with me?







4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts- Changes Coming…

  1. I think you’re making the right decision. All platforms are looking for ways to increase revenue. Etsy is a perfect example with promoted listings, Pattern so why would Storenvy be any different. Going to your own website is expensive for you as a business owner but it gives you so much more freedom to do exactly want you want. I branched out 3 months ago because I didn’t want all my eggs in one basket at Etsy. I’m in this for the long haul so it was worth it for me. It will take awhile to see it come to fruition but when it does I can say I did it. Go for it. You can do it and your customers will follow wherever you go.

  2. I am super excited for you. And completely understand concerning Storenvy. Those changes came out from nowhere…and as a Storenvy shop holder myself…I was surprised and shocked with these changes. I, too, am working at moving my little shop elsewhere. I will follow you and your work where ever you end up. ☺ ♥

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