Thursday Thoughts- Exciting News!

Happy Thursday!!

This week’s Thursday thoughts is filled with some exciting news about our biz! I can’t wait to share the news, so read on!


First of all, I randomly decided to open a new shop on April 1! Well, it wasn’t that random. By now it’s really no secret that I’ve become a planner addict. The thing is, I own the BIG Happy Planner. And if you know anything about Happy Planners, they come in 3 sizes: Mini, Classic, and Big. The Classic size is most common and therefore can find stickers for them all day long. The Big and Mini sizes, however, are harder to find stuff for.

So…. I started making a few sticker sets for me and an amazing friend who has the same planner as I do. But then I got to thinking… why create these amazing sets for just 2 people to use? It’s so hard to find Big Happy Planner stickers! After some thought and discussion with 2 of my best friends, I decided to open a new shop with the stickers I’m creating!

Those same 2 friends helped me with creating the name for the new biz. I wanted to piggy back off of The Craft Penguin.
And you know my penguin obsession had to stick and continue with the new shop too. So, Craft Penguin Planner was born. Or CPP for short. My logo was my first official design for the new shop. What do you think of it?

At CPP I will only be offering printable stickers for now because I do not own a cutter to have the capability to print and cut stickers to ship. If in the future I get the needed equipment, I will sell the physical stickers too.

I am working hard in between my busy schedule with The Craft Penguin to get tons of new stickers ready and listed. For now, I am making them for both the Big and Classic Happy planner. I may expand to other sizes down the road, but for now I’m focusing my efforts there. If you have questions or special requests for sets that you want made, feel free to send me a message on Etsy or FB and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you! 🙂 Any love on our new page is appreciated!

Find us online!: 







As if that weren’t enough exciting news, right?! There’s more!! 

Yesterday evening, I got a message on my Etsy asking about my Little Amigurumi Hearts. He runs a subscription box called Hope Box. Hope Box is a subscription box for people going through tough times. He wants something to put in the center so when they open the box it makes them smile. And for this batch, he wants my little hearts! If all goes well, we’ll be working  together every month for different things to be placed in those boxes! I’m SUPER EXCITED!!

Needless to say, I’m going to be VERY busy over the next week. I already have a few other orders that need to get done as well, but 100 hearts is going to take me several days to make!

I felt the need to temporarily close my Etsy shop while I catch up a little bit, but am hoping that by Monday I’ll have enough done that I’ll be comfortable with reopening. My shop here on my main site will remain open, but please understand that if you place an order, it will be a minimum of about a week and a half before I can even touch your order. You’ll be seeing this Very Heavy Load image across our Social Media accounts  if you haven’t already to give this reminder.

But don’t worry, if you need something, I’m only a message away!

Thanks as always for your continued support! I couldn’t do this without you!!



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  1. Wonderful!! I am so happy you are on this exciting adventure! And congratulations on the 100 heart order! All your creations are amazing! ♥

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