Thursday Thoughts- Getting it Done

Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since I have written a blog post! I have been so busy! Plus with my hubby being home for so long having hurt his back, it made it harder for me to get work done, especially writing a blog post. I’ve managed to keep up with the weekly PenguinLuv Linkup, but that’s about it for the blog. I totally plan to remedy that!¬†With the school year coming to an end (it ends next week here) and me not subbing because of it, and with my hubby back to work, I can get things back on track! Yay! ūüėÄ

In getting back on track, I have several things I need to work on.

  • Keeping up with doing blog posts, including getting back to doing our Small Biz Spotlights is definitely towards the top of the list.
  • I have slacked on sending newsletters out as well, so I plan to get those rolling again too! (Sign up HERE to receive our newsletters, so you get the new one being sent out the beginning of next week!)
  • I also need to keep up with my shops on Storenvy and Etsy. I seem to continually sell out of certain amigurumi animals and it has been a challenge to get all of them restocked as well as create new products. But as I said, with school out I have a lot more time to focus on stuff! And who knows, maybe I can finally get enough inventory to do a craft show!
  • Of course I also need to keep up with social media to post and interact. But I haven’t really slacked on that too much. Some days I have done less than other days because time has been restricted, but I’ve stayed fairly consistent there.


I feel like the past week or two¬†I have accomplished a TON! (Although, I feel like I¬†have only put a few drops in the bucket compared to what I need to do.) I decided to redesign my logo and am very happy with how it turned out. But then my banner didn’t match too well. Cheryl, from Imy & Me, helped me to redesign¬†the banner and also the collection images for my Storenvy shop. I really do love the new look! Thanks again Cheryl!

So now that I am more satisfied with the look of my shop, the goal has become to¬†restock¬†everything while also¬†adding new items. And I have to say I have set some high standards for myself this week. Take a look at all of the goodness I have created in the past 7 days…



Helen hippo amigurumi crochet stuffed animal hippo plushie toy children nursery decor


brachiosaurus brontosaurus crochet amigurumi dinosaur plush stuffed animal handmade turquoise prehistoric animal

multi blue brown white monkey





rainbow poop unicorn poop amigurumi kawaii gag gift magical unicorn poop plush

Keep in mind I still had other things to do this week besides just crochet. However, I have never¬†created 4 large projects in a single week before, nevermind other projects in addition to it. Yeah, sure I’ve done 13 items over a 3 day weekend in the past, but¬†all of them were small/medium sized.

I still have 2 products that need to be restocked, but that’s so much better than the 9 or 10 I had for a little while!¬†And I seem to have a never ending list of things I want to create. But I also want to add inventory to have more than 1 of each item on hand.

So, I feel I have set a really high standard for myself this week. Seeing how much I accomplished in such a short time has¬†me dreaming¬†that by the end of June I can have multiples of all of my products to where I should be ready to sign up for a craft show in July. However I know things will likely come up and slow me down. For one thing I’m not sure how many days/weeks my hand will tolerate that much crocheting without resting. So, realistically I’m aiming more for August for a show. But if I get¬†stuff done sooner, I will sign up for a craft show sooner!

Well, I guess it’s time to get my butt in motion and Git ‘Er Done! I will keep you updated as to how it goes!

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you think I can make it by the end of June even with me trying to get everything else back on track? Which item from this week is your favorite? Leave your comments below! ūüôā

<3  Jennifer

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