Whoa! What a Week!

This week has truly been one to remember here at The Craft Penguin! Beginning with last Friday, September 16, there hasn’t been a single day where I could even think about slacking off!

As I’ve mentioned before, I sometimes participate in a few auction groups on Facebook. And Frida20160917_203412y, I sold one of my Witch Bottom Trick or Treat Bags on the auction. This excited me inside more than normal because it was a pattern I wrote and only sold the original bag I created to a relative last year. Later that Friday night, I received an order through my Etsy for my crochet fox. And then even later (after midnight and also on Etsy) I received an order for my Solar System Set (again, my original pattern)! So, immediately Saturday morning I put up my Medium-Heavy work load post because 3 fairly large orders all at once can be a little daunting when you aren’t used to it.

20160919_125210So this was the start to a busy weekend. And to be honest, I totally didn’t mind working through the weekend on these 3 orders. When my hubby, who is a truck driver, is on the road, I have nothing better to do on the weekends than to relax and crochet. So, I was quite content with working hard. I managed to finish the Witch Bag and the fox by Sunday afternoon, so they could be shipped on Monday, which only left the third and largest of my projects- the solar system set.

The Solar System set typically takes me anywhere from 3 to 4 days to create. It is a 10 piece set and some of the pieces like the sun are quite large, but others are small and quick to make. And of course some are more complex with color changes, and some are solid colored, so it balances out. The beginning of my week was busy with a few personal errands, but somehow I still finished the entire solar system set by Tuesday evening. Only 2 days!


So, Wednesday this set shipped out and as I sat down with my hook and yarn to start a new project for my shop… Cha-Ching! The 2nd fox order of the week! I immediately put my new project down and started on the order. As I moved into Thursday, I was finishing up the fox order when Cha-ching… yet another fox! And a little bit later, one more! After so many foxes piling up on me faster than my hands can move, I was determined to get a second fox finished no later than Friday morning to be ready to ship out Friday. I ended up having a late night… 1 am to be exact, but I got the 2nd one done! And Friday morning both got boxed up and shipped out!

Because I was tired still from being up too late the night before (shame on me 😉 ) and my finger tips hurt from assembling 2 foxes on Thursday, I wasn’t as productive yesterday. I finished part of the 3rd fox, but not all of it like I’d hoped to. If I work extra hard today, I might be able to still get it sent out before the post office closes, but if not, it will totally be going out Monday! Then the rest of the weekend I’ll work on something new and relax unless of course I get another order.

I can’t begin to explain how blessed I have felt to have the constant work this week! It has been amazing! Never had I thought that one of my items would be so popular that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand. But I’ve sold 6 foxes this month, 4 of which were all in 1 week! I feel like my hard work is really starting to pay off! Never in the 2 years since I started The Craft Penguin have I had constant orders to keep me busy for an entire week without end! It has been completely exciting, but tiring at the same time. I haven’t been able to choose what project I want to work on at all this week and would love to make something other than a fox, but it feels wonderful to have my items selling and spreading joy elsewhere! I feel so loved!

So, what blessings have come your way recently? Has your week been a good one? Any plans for the weekend? Leave me a comment below!  I’d love to hear about it!


One final note: Since I’m already getting busy, if you think you might want something custom made for Christmas, please let me know asap. You can either contact me through the contact link on the menu above or message me through Facebook. I will let you know when I’ll need a definite decision by so I can ensure it is made for you in time. 🙂


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