Amigurumi Care

If you have purchased any of our amigurumi animals, you may be wondering how to wash them. Because let’s face it, nothing stays clean forever! Unless otherwise told, these instructions will work on all of our plushies.

*If you purchased an amigurumi item from somewhere else, these instructions will likely work, but check to be sure the materials used are machine washable/dryable first.


Washing your plushie:

All of the materials used in the amigurumis I create are machine washable. However, if you choose to, you may hand wash your plushie.


To machine wash:

I recommend placing your plushie in a pillow case to protect it from rubbing against other items in the wash. This will help keep it from pilling. Tie the pillowcase closed so it stays inside. Then throw into the wash and run on a delicate cycle. Trust me, it will still make it nice and clean! (See Gerri below.)


Drying your plushie:

All of the amigurumis I create are also machine dryable, but you may choose to air dry your plushie. If you air dry it, you may want to use a towel to roll it in and gently squish the excess water out first. DO NOT wring it out!

To machine dry:

Again, I recommend keeping your plushie in a pillow case to protect it. Dry on a LOW setting.


What if my plushie looses its shape?

If your plushie gets a little out of shape from washing or playing with it, you can squish and pull it a bit to reshape it. However, DO NOT try to reshape it when it is wet! Wait until it is dry. Pulling it while wet can loosen and stretch the yarn, permanently making your amigurumi misshapen.



I have personally tested these instructions using Gerri the Giraffe. He was in desperate need of a wash after coming off the road with my hubby. He is so much cleaner now!


Gerri Before                                            Gerri After


My best friend told me she washed a plushie that I gave her son using a regular cycle in both the washer and dryer along with other clothes and didn’t put it inside a pillowcase. While it came out fine, I cannot recommend doing it this way. She even mentioned to me that she doesn’t know how many washes like that it can tolerate. So, please use a gentle wash and dry cycle to extend the life of your amigurumi!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and ask!