Envyversary “Prize Box”

As our Envyversary Celebration unfolds, you will see us mention our “Prize Box.” This is where the winners of any of the Facebook games/activities will come to pick a prize! Once a prize has been chosen from the ones pictured, I will update this post so you know which ones are no longer available. Each prize can only be chosen once.

If you haven’t already done so, visit our Facebook Event Page and join so you can keep updated on all of the fun! The Giveaway and Kids contest have their own prizes, so this Prize Box is just for the games.

So, here’s what you could win by playing our games:



A, B, C: Crochet Potholders

D: Small hand painted wooden box

E: Coffee Mug cozy

F, G, H, I: Coffee Cozy (measures 10 inches in diameter around the top)



Obviously these are all bracelets. 😉 N & O are kids stretch bracelets- the tag on O reads “Princess”. All of the rest are wire bracelets. Feel free to ask about sizing of them if interested in them.

Prize Box pic 3

All dangle earrings made with nickel free ear wires. The angels in X are a deep purple, but for some reason I can’t get the picture to show it accurately.

Prize Box pic 4

All post earrings. I’m not sure if these are nickel free or not, so if you are allergic to nickel, please don’t choose these just in case unless you are giving them to someone else.

Colors are as follows:

Z: Lilac

AA: Orange

BB: Red

CC: Lime green

DD: Light Pink

EE: Teal

FF: Yellow

GG: Clear

Prize Box pic 5

Button post earrings. These ones are definitely nickel free. 🙂

Colors are as follows:

HH & II: Blue

JJ & KK: Purple

LL: Lime Green

MM: Black

NN: White

OO: Yellow

PP: Pink

Prize box pic 6- mystery discounts

These are just as they sound- a mystery!

If you choose one of the Mystery Discounts, I will send you a coupon code and will tell you what the discount is at that time.

If you choose the Small/Mini Mystery Amigurumi, I won’t reveal what it is to you. You’ll have to wait until you open the box when you receive it!!


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