Important Announcement!

Important Announcement

As you may remember, back in July I had to cut custom orders because of pain in my hand and not being able to complete projects too quickly as a result. And that was the hardest thing for me since I absolutely LOVE customs! Since then, I have posted a few updates, but haven’t given you one in a long while. So here goes…

It has been almost a year since my hand started giving me a lot of pain and unfortunately I am still having the same problems. I still am struggling with pain in my hand and being able to do a lot of crocheting like I used to. Some days are better than others, but I find myself rarely picking up the crochet hook because it’s just too painful.

I have been battling internally with what to do. I worked hard to build The Craft Penguin into what it became and I met a lot of amazing people in the process! I LOVE to crochet and being able to create cute things and making others happy with my creations became my life. And I was so happy! But with my hand in so much pain, I know I can’t run a shop on the few things I have in inventory forever. And releasing one new thing every few months is not enough to keep the shop moving. I’ve also not been able to create content for my social media sites to keep interest with me not crocheting much. So all things considered, I’ve been forced into making a huge decision which I have been battling with for months. I have finally brought myself to face the fact that I can’t keep The Craft Penguin going. 🙁

So, it brings me great sadness to announce that after 3 1/2 years, I will be closing The Craft Penguin. My shop here on the website is already closed. But you can still order from my Etsy shop until I close it. The official closing date will be March 1, 2018. After that, I will no longer have my crochet cuties available in the shop. I will, however, keep my patterns listed for those who do crochet and want to purchase them.

With me closing my shop, I would like  to clear out inventory. I will be going through the things that I have and adding them to the Etsy shop if they aren’t already there. And I will be having a sale as well. The sale will already be active in the shop, so you won’t need a code to save big!

Shop Closing

Thank you so much for your support through these past few years. It has been an amazing journey! I can’t imagine what life would be like without the amazing handmade community I have found!!


So… now you may have a few questions. One of which might be what will come of this website and blog. And the answer is that it will remain here. I’m not getting rid of my blog as I am a huge believer of supporting each other in the small business community.

I do have another shop that I started shortly before my hand issues began. It is called Craft Penguin Planner and I create planner stickers for various sized planners. It is easy on my hand and I love doing that as well. So while I’m closing one shop, I will still be a big part of the handmade community and my maker heart can still be happy!

This website may not remain under this domain, however, as I am considering changing this site over to a website for Craft Penguin Planner. If I decide to do that, the url will change and  it will probably be around August when the change occurs. I will keep the blog attached to it and continue the PenguinLuv Linkup. I encourage you to keep your eye out for further posts and announcements since I will post things here before I officially make any big changes. I also encourage you to follow Craft Penguin Planner on Facebook and Instagram if you want to keep up with me and what I’m up to since that is where my attention will be focused. I am not certain about what I will do with my FB and IG pages for The Craft Penguin yet.

Feel free to leave your questions and comments below and I will be sure to answer them to the best of my ability since I haven’t thought about every little detail yet. I do hope that you will continue to follow me here on the blog and on my social sites over with CPP as I make this huge transition.

Thanks again for your support these past few years!

♥ Jennifer

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, hand problems are common among many crafty people I know who also had to stop their craft. But, I am glad to hear that you have another craft you can do, that is the way to go, have more than one craft, cause you never know what can happen. I will be watching your blog for more updates. And thank you for supporting handmade and your linky parties.

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