Upcoming Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sales!

If you haven’t been paying attention to our Social Media pages, you may be wondering if we’re having any sales this weekend. And the answer is YES!! So, here’s what’s happening at The Craft Penguin this weekend…   First off, I am participating in the Craft Junkies Sale! This includes 30 shops total and each one Read More


Whoa! What a Week!

This week has truly been one to remember here at The Craft Penguin! Beginning with last Friday, September 16, there hasn’t been a single day where I could even think about slacking off! As I’ve mentioned before, I sometimes participate in a few auction groups on Facebook. And Friday, I sold one of my Witch Bottom Trick Read More

Audrey 8

Kids Contest Winner Amigurumi

So our Envyversary Event and Kids Contest ended a little over a week ago. I was finally able to get caught up on orders which means being able to create the kids contest amigurumi! If you remember, Audrey’s Purple People Eater drawing received the most votes and won! So, I created her drawing into an Read More

before gerri

Amigurumi Care Instructions

If you have purchased any of our amigurumi animals, you may be wondering how to wash them. Because let’s face it, nothing stays clean forever! Unless otherwise told, these instructions will work on all of our plushies. *If you purchased an amigurumi item from somewhere else, these instructions will likely work, but check to be Read More