Thursday Thoughts- Handmade Love

As a handmade shop owner, I know first hand the importance of shopping small and buying things that are handmade. Handmade items can be customized to individual needs/wants and are one of a kind. They aren’t mass produced. A lot of time, energy, frustration, joy, love, and sometimes pain (yes, we sometimes injure ourselves in the process) goes into each and every piece created. Handmade is made with care and is typically better quality than something store bought. When you buy handmade you are helping support individual families. Buying handmade is really a powerful thing!


Within the past month I have gotten my hands on some AMAZING handmade products and I thought I’d share them with you! I typically purchase handmade items when I can, but don’t usually get multiple things in a short time frame due to money. But this past month I have gotten a few wonderful things…



Kelly Bunny from Kiser Krafts Handmade on Storenvy

I won Kelly Bunny in a Giveaway that Kiser Krafts Handmade had for her Birthday Celebration! Kelly Bunny makes the perfect friend for Waddles Bunny, which I purchased back in November. I absolutely LOVE both of them! They are so soft and cuddly!

Kiser Krafts Handmade makes lots of amazing sock animals, fabric creations, and more!




Notebooks from Wilde Designs on Storenvy

Wilde Designs was having a big sale to clear out some items that will no longer be available online. I snagged some amazing notebooks with covers that were upcycled from cereal boxes and calendars, and for a great price! I will totally be making good use of these!

Wilde Designs creates geeky jewelry, art, and home goods!




Natural Lip Balm from Beech River Naturals on Etsy

I won’t lie. I have TONS of problems with lip balms! I cannot use any that have a flavor to them or are medicated. If I do, around my lips gets red and irritated. Not fun! Even some of the regular ones are starting to bother me now. 🙁 So, I went in search of a more natural product and came across Beech River Naturals. This particular lip balm is made from only a few ingredients and all of them are organic. So far, I am in love with this lip balm! It goes on smooth, feels great on my lips, and no problems! (I’m just hoping it stays that way, so I can get more of these!)

Beech River Naturals makes natural and organic skin care products!






Thank You for being Fabulous and Buying Handmade Stickers from Creations by Memories in a Flash on Etsy

It all started when I won a game on her Facebook page… I won some amazing tags and stickers! And trust me, I’ve been having fun attaching them to my orders! So, I quickly fell in love with these particular stickers and I just HAD to buy more! I’ve attached them to packages or cards inside the box. And they are such a great price too! You can bet I will be back for more!

Creations by MIAF creates an assortment of stickers, tags, and printables!



So, there you have it! Lots of happy mail for me within the past month! And I will continue to support other handmade shops whenever I can!! What was the last handmade item you purchased and who did you get it from? Share in the comments below! 🙂



Some other AMAZING shops to check out: 

The Craft Penguin– (us of course!) string arts, amigurumi animals, and other crochet goodness

Naptime Craze Designs– zipper pouches of all kinds (Love my custom double zipper pouch!! I use it for my crochet hooks, needles, and stitch markers.)

Natural Body Comfort– hot/cold therapy packs for just about every part of your body! (I love my wrist one- best investment EVER!!)

Sudzy Bums– bath and body products (Love her soaps!!)

Imy & Me– druzy and cabochon jewelry

Heart and Soles– hand painted shoes

Decal Drama– decals of all kinds

Pelhuaz– Handmade Indie Jewelry

TeamNeville– metal stamped jewelry & geekery

Nerdtastic– lots of nerdy items- jewelry, bath and beauty, coasters, and more








4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts- Handmade Love

  1. I have purchased some pretty awesome handmade items this year! I’m waiting on this necklace from Pelhauz that I ordered this weekend:
    And I Got this: and he rainbow mug from kkhandmade last month.

    Oh and a Druzy necklace and ring from a couple months ago. And they are all amazing. these are all storenvy purchases, and I have a ton of etsy purchases as well! I love buying handmade.

    1. I love these shops too! KKhandmade’s rainbow unicorn and mug were actually the reason I bought the same rainbow yarn recently! I just loved those so much! 😀 Pelhuaz and Imy & Me create some beautiful jewelry, but unfortunately I don’t wear much of it. I’ve gotta find someone to gift some of it to though so I have a reason to buy some! 😉

    1. I love my notebooks! And my best friend loves hers too! She actually took my Thor one instead of the Captain America one, but I don’t care because I love them both! 😉 I need to blog about my handmade purchases more often. I usually just post on FB or IG.

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