Turn your Photos from Drab to Fab!

Have you ever wondered how people can get that amazing clean white background on any picture they post? I have! While I know there are many photo editing programs that can do it, I never knew how and that it could be done inexpensively. And I learned that it can be by reading this amazing blog post yesterday by Imy & Me! Immediately after reading it, I had to try it for myself! Check it out for yourself! (The link opens in a new tab, so you can easily come back to finish reading this and to flip back to see what I’m referring to.)

Anyway, so after reading that AMAZING blog post, I got busy editing photos. And I stayed busy ALL DAY if that says anything about how much I loved it! And I’m still not finished. But any pics I did edit, got loaded into my shop to replace the old. I still have about half of the string art photos left and all of the amigurumi ones. But I plan to take care of that very soon!

So, to give you an idea of just how great this worked out, have a look at some of these transformations!


moogle collage

AMAZING, right?!

But what about if you didn’t take the picture on a “white” background to begin with? Will it still work?

monster pillow

Yes! Well, for the most part it does. You’ll have to play with it a bit more and might have to do even more editing on some pictures like I did (I’ll tell you in just a second what that entailed). But, it does work with any background to begin with. I would definitely recommend starting with a light color background though, because as I found, the darker backgrounds can leave some unsightly marks in the background that won’t go away when using the effects tool (see blog post linked above).

So, how did I get rid of those? Well, (Still using Picmonkey) I went up a few tabs (still under the magic wand) to the Draw tab. I clicked on the little eye dropper and clicked a clean white spot from the photo background. Then used the brush to color over the ugly marks! But be careful when you do this. Once you switch over, it doesn’t have that lovely box with the Effect or Original options. If you mess up, the only way to fix your mistake is to use the undo button. So make sure you are done with the other part before trying to fix those horrid marks that may be left behind!


Why the white background in the first place?

Great question! When you are trying to sell a product, you want your pictures to look clear, clean and free of distractions. And you want your products to shine! The less there is to confuse a potential buyer, the better! It is ok to have a few props and things to add to it, but keep it clutter free and make sure the focus is on the product you are trying to sell! There is nothing worse than looking at a picture online and trying to guess which object the person is selling. I certainly wouldn’t take long to leave that page, would you? If you’re like me, you don’t have a good place to really take professional looking photos on a clean background, nor do you have a professional photographer you go to to have all of your products photographed. And no light box. So this is an inexpensive way to get quality looking photos! And if you’re one of those people who just don’t like using the plain white background, well, that’s your choice! It’s entirely up to you!


Does it take long to do? 

As I said earlier, I edited photos pretty much all day and am not done yet. Granted, I have probably 200+ photos to edit total. It can be very time consuming, yes. But is the outcome worth the time? I think it is! But I will let you decide for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Read the blog post by Imy & Me and get editing! Feel free to come back and share your success story!


To see how this change looks in an online shop, feel free to visit Imy & Me’s shop which looks beautiful after she made the transformation on her photos! You can also visit my shop! Please keep in mind, I’m not finished yet, but you can at least get a good feel for how it will look when I’m done!

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